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Best Foods in Melbourne You Need to Try

08 Feb, 2024

During a trip to Melbourne, it is hard to resist the pang of hunger. Trips are actually considered a mixture of many pleasant experiences and great food that a person or family keeps coming across. When going for a fun trip, people crave something original and authentic that they see the locals obsessing over. In fact, if you recently moved to Melbourne, you might have the desire to check out the local foods that seem to be the favourite of locals. 

Melbourne, the second biggest city in Australia, is home to different cuisines. You will find plenty of food choices with unique and special flavours. In this article, we will go over some of the best foods in Melbourne you need to try. It is a must to try these excellent options.

1. Fairy Bread

If you want to feel like a kid again, there is no better way to do so than by eating fairy bread. It is an Australian staple in the parties of kids thanks to its sweet flavour and festive, colourful appearance. The recipe is quite straightforward, mixing plain but sliced bread with margarine or rich butter. It is then covered in plenty of sweet and colourful sprinkles and cut into smaller triangles. While the recipe stays unchanged, you can find this food in different shapes or themed colours for an innovative twist. 

2. Salt and Pepper Calamari

This food is an innovative Australian twist to the classic calamari coming from Cantonese cuisine. The calamari is wrapped in pepper and salt batter of rising flour as well as deep-fried. It is served along with a side salad. Thanks to this basic preparation and flavours, the crispiness, along with the crunch of the finished batter and the hard texture of the calamari rings, provides the dish with a unique taste. Try this dish by either dining out or utilising the takeaway service that many restaurants in Melbourne offer. 

3. Anzac Biscuits

Primarily called an “Anzac tile” or “Soldier’s biscuit”, the Anzac biscuit was considered a favourite of travelling soldiers and sailors for its hardiness and simplicity. While it did become more flavorful as time went on, the Anzac biscuit still utilises conventional and primal ingredients to prepare its unique taste. The contemporary Anzac biscuit favours flour, oats, coconut, golden syrup, butter, and baking soda. These ingredients make way for a light and sweet taste that makes up for a satisfying snack. They not only give Anzac biscuits a unique flavour but also give them the ability to be preserved and stored for longer distances. A hidden gem like this is a must for people who are in Melbourne. 

4. Chicken Parma

Originating from Italy, there is also an Australian-style version of Parma which can be found in many restaurants and pubs. Similar to the Italian version, chicken parma in Australia might use chicken or other meats, ripe eggplant, and a tomato-based sauce along with melted cheese and Italian seasonings. For an innovative twist, a few recipes might involve ham or prosciutto with complementary flavours. Chicken parma is a staple in pub food. You can enjoy this great dish in plenty of restaurants in Melbourne city

Wrapping Up

Melbourne is one of the best places to visit or move to. This city will offer you great experiences and a variety of tasty foods. You can dine in or utilise the takeaway service to enjoy the tasty foods mentioned in this article. 

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